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Step 1. Photo Submission

We need your dog's photo. We can't make your tag till we get a picture to put on it. You can submit us a photo in one of two ways:

Service Tag
Photo Tips

Great Photo - Don't worry about extra space around the photo we will crop it for you.

Bad Photo - We do what we can to make your service dog tags look good but we're not magicians, bad photo in = bad photo out

Please, if you want people to take your service dog seriously, don't send pictures like this

The green boarder indicates the space for your dog's picture. If you send us a profile picture like above, all the area in yellow is wasted and your dog's photo will be smaller

Speaking of small, if you send us a tiny picture it will be blurry on the tags.

This is the best method! After you have added your tag to the cart when you view the cart you will see the option to add a photo. Simply browse for the photo on your computer you'd like to use, click on the Update Item button and your photo will be uploaded. Please do not send a link to online photos for us to capture, please send the chosen photo as a file.

We will not start on your order without a completed and paid order

Order online and mail the photo to us. We will scan the photo for you and place it on your service dog ID tags. PHOTOS ARE NOT RETURNED. Remember to mail a copy of your receipt along with your photo.

You MUST complete the order by clicking the Order Now button below and completing your order.

Service Dog Tags
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